VH1 celebrated and Welcomes #BlackInkChicago


Black Ink Chicago and Agents of LA join forces on the red carpet in Hollywood Ca


In the midst of Chicago’s brutal winter, 9 Mag’s owner, Ryan Henry, struggles with the emerging egos and volatile differences among the 9 Mag family, while still fighting to stay on top in the tattoo game. The third season of VH1’s hit docu-series, Black Ink Crew: Chicago, produced by Big Fish Entertainment, explodes with more drama, more heat, and sexier tattoos than ever before. The pressure is on and the hustle is real for this close-knit group of friends who are trying to make it in one of the roughest cities in America. With the political landscape changing, there is unrest in the air. It’s a strange new world in America, and an even stranger new world at 9Mag. The shop has always operated as a surrogate family, but when attitudes begin to change, shop loyalties are put into question. As friends become foes, how can the 9Mag family remain together? In an attempt to leave last year’s heartaches and conflict behind, Kat has left Chicago and transformed herself into a “Hollywood Success” when she resurfaces as in-demand celebrity tattoo artist, complete with her own LA studio. The absence of Kat’s voice as the strong female of the group has exposed all of the cracks, highlighting a world of wrongful entitlement within the 9 Mag staff. Ryan battles the team’s growing disrespect by firing Danielle and propelling the shop into turmoil. As Ryan’s lifelong friendships come into question, he starts looking for the weak links inside his 9Mag family. With Ryan playing a position of power as never before, Van and Phor start to question Ryan’s motives as a leader, and to question his loyalty as a friend. Now that Ryan has restored his relationship with high school sweetheart, and the mother of his child, Rachel, will he be able to prioritize between his responsibilities at 9Mag and his home life? Charmaine is newly in love, but split between her loyalties to her relationship and her friends in the shop, all the while teetering on the edge of her dueling jobs as manager at 9 Mag, and her on-air radio career at WGCI Chicago. A newly unemployed Danielle deals with a personal heartache and retreats to LA in an attempt recruit Kat to return to Chicago. Meanwhile, Phor is splitting time between tattoos, a tumultuous new relationship, and his rebranding as one of Chicago’s hottest new hip-hop artists. Don and Ashley struggle to find balance within their marriage, while Don deals with the shocking loss of his younger sister. When Ryan and Van stage their battle at the shop’s anniversary party, alliances are formed, and the future of 9Mag begins to look different than ever before. 9Mag is far more than a destination for artistry. This is the center of the Chicago cultural and political movement, the urban hub for music, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and ambition. From the rise of Chance the Rapper to the farewell of President Obama, the city of Chicago is changing right before their very eyes, and so is the world of 9Mag. As the unforgiving winter chills the Windy City, expect the unexpected. Season 3 of Black Ink Crew: Chicago is a story of hustle, love, redemption, conflict, and -most importantly- loyalty.


Agents of LA with Vh1 Star Kat Tat




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