Christy Buss

Dancer, choreographer, actress and business owner, Christy Curtis Buss has worked over the years in film, television, print, and more. Her unique style, vision, and knowledge of dance and movement give her the extra edge for the industry. Born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Christy grew up dancing at her mother’s dance studio. She moved out to Los Angeles, California after winning the ABC TV Special “All American Girl” in 1979. When she moved out west, her first endeavor was becoming a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader, where she was dance captain and was able to travel the world. After getting her foot in the door, she was cast for commercials and film. Acting on soap operas led to her choreographing for shows such as Passions and Days of Our Lives, which is still current. Christy started her own business, The Studio Art of Dance, in 1993. As her business still flourishes, she continues to pursue Celebrity Hosting, Reality TV, Talk Shows, Choreography and Acting, and works with Charities for special events.