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Traveling to Huatulco, Oaxaca is a beautiful journey for people searching for warm climates, amazing food,  and a strong history of culture. Getting from California to Huatulco is easier than ever with direct flights out  of Tijuana, located across from San Diego over the border. This means that if you are traveling from Southern  California, you can go over the border and hop on a Volaris flight for four hours that will take you straight to  the Huatulco International Airport. Flights are available all year and can save you a lot of money, time, and  energy as you embark on your wonderful expedition. Flights are usually Thursdays and Sundays from late  morning to early evenings GMT. Return flights typically are the same days, Thursdays and Sundays but  usually in the late evening. 

Transportation is also available in San Diego where you do not have to stop at the border crossing and go  straight to the airport.  

Volaris is the second largest Mexican airline and has a codeshare with Southwest Airlines. They offer for a fee  on-time performance results. Passengers who purchase their service are forwarded either 1000 MXN or $100  USD, contingent on your method of payment, if the flight arrives more than thirty minutes late to the destination. By doing this, they ensure their reliability to their customers. Volaris additionally provides one stop flights if you have specific dates/travel departure times that need to be considered. 

Aeromexico provides one-stop flights throughout high and low season. If you are departing from Los Angeles,  consider taking Volaris with its one-stop options in either Mexico City or even Guadalajara or.  

If you are traveling by plane in from the central coast of California, our suggestion is to leave from San  Francisco International Airport (SFO). American Airlines, Aeromexico, and Delta can get you to Huatulco,  Oaxaca with a brief layover in Mexico City’s International Airport (MEX), which is officially referred to as  Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez. You can use an alternate route by connecting via American Airlines  through Dallas on a flight direct to Huatulco. 

Should you require assistance in determining the best choice for flying to Huatulco, reach out to us for  additional resources and suggestions. We are happy to help you make Huatulco your short or long-term  paradise destination.