The housing market just took a turn, and international buyers are back

From the rolling hills of Portugal’s Douro Valley to the Andean foothills of Argentina, there is a common dream among the international luxury consumer—owning a property in the United States.

It might be a modern mansion amid Hollywood’s stars in Beverly Hills, a duplex penthouse with incredible views of New York’s Central Park, or maybe it is a clean, contemporary masterpiece along the pristine beaches of Miami.

There are plenty of options, and one thing is for certain: homes and cities in the U.S. are as diverse as they come, and wealthy international buyers want in.

With affluent individuals from overseas stepping back into the game to purchase their dream property, a new survey explored the trends and attitudes of the wealthy international consumer. More than 1,200 high-net-worth consumers from 12 countries were polled on their dreams and sentiments of buying U.S. real estate, paired with the annual luxury real estate outlook, “The Report.”

80% of respondents believe purchasing real estate in the U.S. is a safe investment, with more than three quarters of them rating the current U.S. market conditions to purchase a home as “excellent or good.”