Dual Real Estate Agency in California: What You Should Know

Navigating real estate agency dynamics in California? Familiarize yourself with dual agency’s local implications.

Understanding Dual Agency: Buyers and sellers can enter dual agency relationships with agents, but comprehend the consequences specific to California.

Dual Agency with Two Agents: When both buyer’s and seller’s agents operate under the same California broker, dual agency arises.

Dual Agency with a Single Agent: A California buyer might engage a seller’s agent to submit an offer, transitioning them into a dual agent.

California’s Dual Agency Disclosure: Certain states, including California, may restrict dual agency due to potential conflicts of interest.

Navigating California’s Laws: In California, dual agents must notify and gain consent from both parties through official agreements.

Challenges of California Dual Agencies: California dual agents must uphold impartiality, disclose property specifics to buyers, yet protect sellers’ confidential information.

Guidelines on Advice in California: California dual agents can’t offer advice on offer amounts or sway buyers or sellers on acceptance decisions.