Producers Sean Matthews & Christopher Costine Join Celebrity Realtor Tai Savet To Launch Multi- Media Company.

Producers Sean Matthews and Christopher Costine have joined celebrity realtor Tai Savet,

founder of the luxury real estate brokerage Agents of L.A., to launch a new multi-media


“The future of content is changing exponentially” said Costine, veteran producer and content

creator. “I’m looking forward to creating quality programming that ties the traditional and digital

mediums together.”

The new company will combine unscripted formats, short-form content, and podcasts with

proprietary technology and state of the art virtual experiences. Projects will be celebrity-based

and showcase real estate, business and lifestyle concepts.

“The new age of Real Estate is here, and the giant, more traditional brokerages aren’t

adapting. We turned over every rock to figure this out. So far, it’s given us equipment, tools,

and unprecedented insights that we’re hoping will revolutionize the industry,” said Savet.

The upcoming slate for Executive Producers Costine / Mathews, co-Executive Produced by Tai

Savet includes “Love & Listings”, an ensemble real estate show following the lives of

Hollywood’s top celebrity realtors and their star-studded clientele like Jermaine Dupri, Jordin

Sparks, Amber Rose, Ray J, Brandy Norwood set to air July 29st on VH1, and “All Tai’d Up”, a

business podcast showcasing the stories of the industry’s top entertainment professionals,

celebrities and innovators (Alki David, Coca Cola heir, T-Boz, Jermaine Jones, Soccer Player,

Mikey Taylor, Entrepreneur) set to debut August 1st, 2019.

“Agents of L.A. has the inside track on combining entertainment and business.” said Matthews,

former production company head best known for the Preachers franchise on Oxygen, “Having

exclusive access to celebrity clientele combined with the ability to create high-quality content

is invaluable and will differentiate us from the rest.”

Michael Heicklen, O.M.G’s general counsel and partner, is one of the industry’s leading

entertainment attorneys. “I’m hoping our eclectic approach ‘makes inclusion great again.’ If it

works correctly, it should remind everyone that core human needs, wants, and interests are

universal.” said Heicklen.