Protecting Your Credit During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While your health is of the utmost importance, we understand that many of you are also anxious about your finances and how you and your family can weather this unprecedented time.

In addition to monitoring your credit and helping you improve it through our app, we’ve also compiled this guide of useful tips and resources on how to stay financially afloat and maximize your available cash and credit during this time. We also understand that missing payments is an important concern, so we have listed out companies that are offering late payment forgiveness so you can prioritize your bill payments accordingly without it impacting your credit or access to services.

Our Credit Card partners and banks that are offering temporary relief: Many banks, lenders, and card issues are offering flexible payment options during this time to help you prioritize your bill payments. We are updating this list daily to include the latest from these companies as well as direct links to their customer service pages for more details and contact information.

Utilities, cell phone and cable companies that are offering help: There are many companies that are coming together to provide support to all consumers during this time with late-payment forgiveness, suspending disconnections, and waiving late fees. Internet Service Providers are also opening up their hotspots for free to ensure everyone is connected. This helps provide an opportunity for consumers who do not have a steady income right now to re-prioritize bill payments. We are updating this list daily to include companies that we know of that are making these pledges.

Ways you can stay financially stable, maximize your available cash and credit, prepare for emergencies, and manage your credit: We have compiled a list of ways to help maximize your available cash and credit during this time and prepare for emergency expenses.

What you should do about the new low interest rates: There are a lot of questions about what it means that the Fed cut interest rates to zero, if you should take advantage of it, and how they can help alleviate your debt and monthly payments. We have compiled an overview that covers what this means for your current debt and how you can take advantage.

What you can do if you lost your job as a result of the coronavirus: Many businesses and institutions have shut down or temporarily closed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If you lost your job or your income, this guide provides more information on how to file for an unemployment claim.

We’re hopeful that this information can help stabilize your finances during this time. Please let us know if you have any comments below. And most importantly, please stay safe and healthy.


Listen to more on the credit crisis on our podcast “All Tai’d Up” Tai Savet 

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